TV Shows that Lost their Way


Lost began life as one of the most anticipated series in recent television history, the hype surrounding it was almost annoying but the programme turned out to be so good we bought into it. However about season 3/ season 4 we began to wonder whether we were ever going to get some answers? Didn't it start to feel slightly as if the writers were flying by the seat of their pants? But thankfully it picked up pace toward the end leaving us with a finale that was adequate although not mind-blowing.


Grey's Anatomy

Now here at LondonCityGirl we are all for a bit of love but when a medical drama becomes one long love mush we have to draw the line.

What started off as a drama exploring character and relationships has become a programme that presents up a different tortured Romeo and Juliet every week.

If the love stories were to come our way slightly more sparingly and the pairings weren't always within the same medical team then perhaps it would be easier to care.



Nip/Tuck was innovative and dark, and the subject matter it dealt with was plastic surgery which in itself is innovative and some might say dark. For a long time Nip/Tuck admirably managed to keep its storylines on the right side of fantastical but sadly by the begining of season 4 it lost the battle; the plotlines became more and more ludicrous and no amount of good acting could save it.


Desperate Housewives

The thought that Desperate Housewives was once seen as a worthy successor to Sex and the City is now almost laughable. It still has a plcae on TV and an audience but we all know now that it is not genre defining television. Frankly Wisteria Lane has become tiresome and unbelievable; how many murderers can be found on one single street anyway?


Will & Grace

Hailed as the new Friends but edgier with a fabulous camp twist Will and Grace began admirably with Will the good looking gay lawyer and Grace, his eccentric flame haired best friend. The two were clearly soulmates and would have been happily married if it weren't for Will's sexuality.

And then there was Jack and Karen, their even more eccentric foils who provided the bulk of the comedy. It was all going swimmingly when suddenly the show just stopped being funny. It became a show that relied on one long running joke; Jack's campness, but since this is 2012 it feels a little outdated to be laughing at a guy just because he is a little camp.

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