Our Top Flirting Tips!

Flirting is probably the most effective way to land that special someone and if you don’t know how to do it then you may well have a problem missy, but fear not, the girls at LondonCityGirl are massive flirts and we’re going to give you our tried & tested methods to getting your flirt on!

Amanda’s Tip: It’s All About the Eyes

"Catching a cute guy's eye, looking away and looking back with a tiny smile works like a charm nearly every time."

Simantha’s Tip: Dress to Impress

"If you want to get a guy’s attention then looking bedraggled or dressing like you belong in a gang is not the way to go.

Look hot – but within reason. Guy’s are unbelievably visual and a bit too much leg or cleavage and they get the wrong idea like a shot.

Dress to impress; a cute dress or skinny jeans and a tight top with heels thrown in should do the trick."

Stephanie’s Tip: Smile

"Yep, it’s that simple. Unlike guys we have it relatively easy and we aren’t really expected to chat them up with a clever line or blow them away with some funny anecdote; all you really have to do is give them a friendly, approachable smile and they’ll think you’re as sweet as pie."

Julie’s Tip: Be Playful

"Done right small talk can be extremely flirty and a lot of fun.

First off, don’t talk about inane subjects like the weather, find out what his interests are, ask him questions and at all times keep the conversation light and slightly playful.

He’ll be having fun, you’ll be having fun and its win win!"

Delia’s Tip: Practice!

"I was a terrible flirt and sometimes still have problems as I can be pretty shy in new situations, but the thing that helped me the most with getting to grips with my shyness was to practice.

At University I had a truckload of male friends and practiced flirting with them. I kept it pretty tame obviously as I didn’t want to be accused of sexual harassment but in my daily life I ramped it up a gear with the guy who I bought my morning coffee from, my next door neighbour and the dude with the dog that I saw in the park occasionally.

All that practice stood me in good stead when I finally met Steve (my man!) at a party and I switched into my flirty gear without even thinking. Needless to say, he was bowled over ;)"

Gary’s Tip: Compliment him.

"Before you say anything I realize I am not a LondonCityGirl however I really wanted to put in my two cents worth & the lovely Simantha let me.

Ok, my tip would be to compliment him. Now don’t be telling him he’s got lovely eyes but listen to what he tells you he is passionate about, guys love to brag and impress so he’ll tell you what really gets him going quite soon into the conversation; may be he is an aspiring artist, a budding entrepreneur or even a dolphin trainer.

When you find out his passion take an interest and compliment him on his endeavours. Tell him his brush strokes remind you of Raphael or that you think he’s the next Lord Sugar or even that you know he has a way with fish.

Try and be sincere but if you think he’s going nowhere then at least compliment his drive and enthusiasm. It’s nice when girls don’t just see us as a piece of meat."

Mary’s Tip: Lightly touch him.

"If the conversation is going well then lightly touch him; this is a sure fire way of letting him know that you are interested.

But beware this should be done at least 10 – 15 minutes into a free flowing fun conversation when you’re both comfortable. Don’t just start feeling up random cute men."

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