How to Get Bikini Ready in a Month

by Claire Kuznetsova

Diet Seriously

Yes, yes, I know we’re always talking about diet but if you are serious about getting toned to perfection in only a month then you’ll have to do less talking and more doing.

Cut out all unnecessary fatty foods, load up on fruit and vegetables and calorie count.

The recommended daily calorie intake for women is around 2000 calories however when losing weight cut down to around 1500 – 1600 calories to get best results.

1500 – 1600 is enough to sustain you and still healthy so you won’t be fainting away.

We have taken average figures but depending on your height and structure you may have to adjust the numbers. Don’t do this completely by yourself, instead speak to your doctor and nutritionist and run it by them first.

Most women have dieted before and know at which level they get the best results while still remaining healthy.

A word of warning; do not crash diet too much, if you fall sick you will have to eat more to get your body back up to optimum so you’ll have wasted time and effort over nothing and in the process damaged your health.



To lose the weight fast and tone up you will have to combine aerobic exercise along with toning exercises.

For the aerobic exercise pick something that you like for best results so you can do them for at least an hour four times a week and not feel totally bored out of your mind. Favourites are biking, power walking or swimming. Try and work up a sweat; that’s a great indication that something is happening. When exercising you should feel slightly out of breath but still be able to carry on a conversation – if you however feel as if you’re have a heart attack you are straining your body way too much and need to calm it down.

When it comes to toning identify the areas which you want to work on, for most people it is the stomach area, the bat wings, the muffin tops and the thighs. We will look at each one individually:

The Stomach Area

One word - crunches.

Beyonce was rumoured to do 300 crunches a day when she wanted to get in shape for Dreamgirls so we know it’s effective although 300 may be a bit over the top.

Try to do at least 50 perfect crunches a day.

Lie on your back, with your legs bent and shoulder width apart and then place your hands lightly behind your head. To achieve the correct crunch engage your abs – that basically means sucking in your stomach – and your head should reach straight upward toward the ceiling, not toward your knees.

You’ve done the perfect crunch when you feel the muscles in your stomach working.

Bat Wings

Take a chair and sit on it.

Place the palms of your hands on the chair and slide off it so your butt is hanging in the air.

Then dip down and back up slowly keeping your abs engaged. Do two reps of fifteen five minutes apart.

Then do twenty push ups. If at first you can’t take your entire body weight place a cushion under your knees and bend your legs upward when doing the push up.

Muffin Tops

Muffin Tops are quite hard to get rid off as some women are genetically predisposed to depositing fat in that area but the most effecting method of getting rid of them is to do the boxer twist.

You sit on the floor with your legs together, knees bent and about four inches off the floor and your hands should be lightly clasped together. Twist your body so that your hands go in one direction while your legs go the other and do each side 50 times.

Some find this exercise difficult so don’t be too worried if attaining the 50 count proves difficult – do your best.


There are a number of exercises for thighs but nothing will beat a very brisk twenty minute walk around the park. Get your heart pumping and your leg muscles working hard.


Drink Nothing Other Than Water

For the month let no other liquid apart from water pass your lips.
That means no soda, no coffee/ tea and definitely no alcohol.

Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon as this is quite a difficult thing to do in one go. Attempt it as much as possible but if you find yourself having a sneaky glass of wine on an evening out don’t worry too much. But on the other hand don’t give yourself too much leeway – we’re serious about cutting these out.

This act can actually cut your calorie intake by almost 400 calories.



When you hit the shower use a brush to exfoliate your skin. Brush upwards as this will increase blood circulation, get rid of dead skin cells and also – fingers crossed – in some cases reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Motivate Yourself

The hardest part of any weight loss programme is to keep motivated.

One of the best ways to do this is mental projection, so don’t think of what is wrong with you now or all the things that you want to change but rather imagine yourself after having achieved your goals and looking fabulous.

Your fantasy figure will keep you motivated to make it a reality.

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