Bad Dating Advice to Avoid

Magazines and websites are full of dating advice for young urbanites looking for a relationship, but some of the tips they dole out are just plain bad; we go through the worst pieces of dating advice found in magazines:


Mirror Your Dates Body Language

Many magazines and dating programmes advise people to mirror their dates body language in an attempt to build up a rapport but that is unnecessary – if things are going well mirroring will happen automatically.

Don’t let your focus be taken away from your date because you are too busy trying to synchronize his/her every movement.



Women are often told to wait at least three dates before sleeping with their date however if you are seriously looking for a relationship then this is probably not the best guideline to follow.

Even in this empowered day and age there are many women who would prefer to wait before fully trusting their bodies to a guy they have just met but the social pressure generated by the Sex and the City generation makes it difficult for them to voice their reluctance especially if they cannot fall back on the accepted excuses of culture or religion.

But if a woman is not comfortable there is absolutely no reason to go through with sleeping with a still virtual stranger; if he is worth having he will wait and if not he is welcome to find another woman more willing to spread her legs, either way when it comes to sleeping with someone it is always your prerogative and your individual feelings which must take priority over anything else.

Of course there are women who are comfortable with expressing their sexuality early on and that too is fine however it is wise to keep in mind that men do still tend to judge women who sleep around. This article won’t go into the rights and wrongs of such attitudes but ladies remember that many men will say sweet nothings to your face but turn around and call you a “complete slag” to their friends.

Rather than the three date rule we advocate that you take your time to get to know the man you are dating before getting physical unless all you are looking for is a one night stand then that is a different ballgame altogether.


Leave Him Wanting More

Would you get up in the middle of a movie and walk out because you want to be kept wanting more? No. So don’t do it to a guy. If you are having a whale of a time don’t cut the fun short because of some misguided theory that it will make him want to see you again. If you are having such a good time he’ll want to see you anyway so enjoy yourself.

The beginnings of a new relationship is one of the most enjoyable parts of it so savour it and enjoy it rather than playing too many pointless mind games. There will be plenty of time for that when you’re breaking up.

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