Absolute Beauty No Nos

by Mary Kuznetsova

Using Hairspray to Set Make Up

Shockingly some women do this and we cannot tell you how strongly we advise you against it.

Yes, it may seem that there are no adverse effects at first but hair spray is not meant to set make up for a reason, it clogs the pores and contains ingredients which may cause long term damage. There are plenty of other alternatives available so use those.


Using dirty brushes

Annoying as it may be to wash that foundation brush it just has to be done.

You can possibly risk using a dirty brush a couple of times but after that you’ll start to break out as the old make-up clogs up your pores and the bacteria builds up on your brush which are then transferred onto your face.

If you use make-up regularly your brushes should ideally be washed every single day with a little bit of shampoo or at the very least every alternate day.


Sun beds

Pasty skin is not pretty but cancer is worse, so we have four words for you – fake tan and bronzer.


Incorrect Application of Blush

Just because a make-up artist on the TV tells you to load up your cheeks with blush doesn’t mean they are right. Applying blush and contouring should be done according to your face shape so here’s quick guide;

If you have a round face and want to give the illusion of cheekbones then apply blush to the apples of the cheek and then apply a slightly darker blush diagonally across the middle of the cheek, that is from the ear toward the corner of the mouth.

If you have a thin face and would like a more full healthy look then just dust the blush along the apples of your cheek in a slightly semi circular shape, that is from the side of the nose to the ear.

With blush it is better to err on the side of caution, build it up slowly in order to avoid looking as if you have two big red spots on your cheek.


Replacing Water with alternatives such as coke or orange juice

We all know that drinking water is a must but some girls try to cheat by replacing it with things like coke (which is bad for you because of the sugar levels) and orange juice (which is great but in addition and not as a replacement) to water.

To get your skin at its optimum level plenty of water and plenty of sleep is essential.


Not Removing Make-Up Every Day

Again this is a must and a good skin care routine will pay untold dividends as you age.

Eye make-up should be removed with a mild eye make-up remover and it should be done as gently as possible as the skin around the eyes is particularly delicate.

Washing your face daily is a must but ensure you use something very gentle and suited to the task. Don’t attack your face with an Imperial Leather bar of soap.


Over plucking Eyebrows

As with applying blush it is always better to err on the side of caution when plucking your eyebrows as making them too thin is very unattractive. If you take a second you’ll realise that most of the top Hollywood actresses and supermodels favour a thicker but perfectly groomed brow as it makes them look younger and more natural.

Too often women mistake what actually looks good to what they think looks good. Ask a friend for a second opinion if you feel you may in danger of going too thin.


Contributor Blurb: Mary is a junior buyer for a major high street retailer, she has a passion for fashion and her ultimate style icon is Kate Moss.

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